GPS Tracking for Trucks

The Power of GPS Tracking in Trucks

Trackhawk GPS trackers offer unparalleled reliability and precision in truck tracking, ensuring peace of mind for drivers and their loved ones across the United States. With our cutting-edge GPS tracking technology and user-friendly mobile app, customers can easily monitor their truck's whereabouts in real-time, providing an extra layer of security and control. Equipped with a long-lasting battery life and efficient sim card integration, Trackhawk's tracking devices guarantee uninterrupted service without draining the truck's battery. Our responsive customer service team ensures quick assistance and support, while our competitive monthly fee makes truck tracking affordable for all. Whether it's for fleet management or personal use, Trackhawk GPS trackers deliver unmatched performance and reliability, keeping you connected to your truck anytime, anywhere.


Trackhawk GPS Software Features:

Real-Time Tracking

A dedicated GPS tracking device tailored for trucks ensures seamless live tracking of vehicles in real-time. With comprehensive GPS trackers, fleet owners can effortlessly keep tabs on their trucks movement, and secure their investments with our kill switch GPS tracker.

Easy Installation

Not only is our software easy to use it’s also easy to install. Our customer service team is happy to assist you whether you need installation guidance, downloading the app from the app store, or even setting up the tracking device for alerts in case of theft.


Fortify your security measures and enhance asset protection. Establish secure virtual perimeters to protect your vehicle. The tracker will send instant notifications the moment a tracker for trucks crosses into or out of the designated areas.

Informative Reports

Use vehicle tracking data from the Trackhawk tracking devices to make sure you are informed of all unauthorized movement using our vehicle tracking solutions.

Kill Switch

Enable remote vehicle immobilization, preventing unauthorized access and securing the vehicle until reactivated. This proactive measure enhances peace of mind and makes the Trackhawk GPS device the best GPS tracker in the United States.

Save Money

The enhanced security from GPS trackers lowers the risk of theft and unauthorized vehicle use. If a payment isn’t made ensure the safe return of your truck to avoid potential losses.

How Does It Work?

Getting started is a breeze – simply follow these steps to unlock the full potential of our GPS tracking solution. First, purchase your Trackhawk GPS tracking device from our website, we offer free shipping. Next, download our user-friendly app from the app store. Set up your account, and voila! You're now ready to enjoy real-time tracking, real-time tracking updates, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuables are secure. Welcome to a seamless tracking experience with Trackhawk GPS – where every journey begins with simplicity and reliability.

GPS Trackers for Trucks

  • Feature
  • Waterproof
  • Battery
  • Data
  • Updates
  • Hardwired
  • Kill Switch
  • Feature: Trackhawk VL03 GPS Tracker
  • Waterproof: No, IP65
  • Battery: Build-in Backup Battery - 60 mAh
  • Data: 4G LTE
  • Updates: 15 second updates on movementLTE
  • Hardwired: Yes, 4 wire hookup
  • Kill Switch: Yes
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  • Feature: Trackhawk TH75 Waterproof GPS Tracker
  • Waterproof: Yes, IP67
  • Battery: Build-in Backup Battery - 700 mAh
  • Data: 4G LTE
  • Updates: 15 second updates on movement
  • Hardwired: Yes, 4 wire hookup
  • Kill Switch: Yes
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  • Feature: Trackhawk TH07 GPS Tracker
  • Waterproof: Yes, IP68
  • Battery: Supplied Energizer Lithium Batteries
  • Data: 4G LTE
  • Updates: 60 second updates on movement
  • Hardwired: Wireless, no hardwire needed
  • Kill Switch: No
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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ! Here, you'll find answers about our real-time gps tracker used to deter your vehicle from theft. These are the most commonly asked questions about our products/services. We've taken the time to provide you with clear and concise answers to help you make informed decisions.

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