Trackhawk GPS TH-DASH: GPS Dash Cam & Kill Switch


The TH-DASH dash cam is engineered to elevate your vehicle monitoring experience. Our cutting-edge dash cam not only captures crucial moments on the road but also incorporates a built-in kill switch for enhanced security. Gain access to features such as live video streaming, comprehensive GPS tracking history, and the unique kill switch you have grown to love. The TH-DASH comes equipped with a 128gb SD card, ensuring ample storage for your recordings. The device is equipped with dual cameras – an exterior/front-facing camera and an in-cab camera.

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Experience unparalleled safety and security on the road with Trackhawk GPS’s TH-DASH, the ultimate dash cam designed to capture every detail of your journey. Boasting a crystal-clear video resolution, the TH-DASH delivers Full HD video quality, ensuring that every moment is recorded with exceptional clarity. Equipped with both front and in-cab cameras, this dash cam offers a comprehensive field of view, providing insights into both road conditions and in-cab activities. With built-in GPS functionality, the TH-DASH not only records your speed and location but also seamlessly integrates this GPS data into your footage for a complete picture of your travels. The dash cam’s night vision ensures optimal recording even in low-light conditions, while its built-in Wi-Fi facilitates easy access to footage through our user-friendly mobile app. The TH-DASH goes beyond typical dash cams with its parking mode feature, capturing incidents even when your vehicle is stationary. Installation is a breeze with only four wires, making it easy for anyone to enhance their driving experience with this powerful, easy-to-use GPS dash cam from Trackhawk.

The device will ship within 24 hours with FREE shipping in the US. Follow the instructions in the box to activate your device today.

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Bulk discounts are available for anyone looking to purchase a minimum of 5 dash cams.

Front Camera (Main) 1920×1080/25FPS/F2.2/Full color/85° (HFoV)
Sensor 3-axis
Speaker Support
Interface Micro USB*1, SOS*1, TTL*1, Relay*1
Memory Support TF card (Up to 256GB)
SIM Card Type Nano
LED Indication Red (Power), Blue (Cellular), Green (GNSS)


Power Supply Power cable: B+/ACC/GND
Operating Voltage DC 9–30V
Operating Temperature –20°C to +65°C
Storage Temperature –30°C to +85°C
Device Weight 233g
Device Dimension 109*69*52mm
Certifications CE/FCC/RoHS

Clear Front and In-Cab Recording

The TH-DASH dash cam is equipped with high-definition cameras that capture crystal-clear footage of both the front and cab views of your vehicle. The pro-grade lenses ensure that every detail, from license plates to road signs, is captured with precision. This dual-camera setup provides a comprehensive view, offering valuable information for drivers in case of accidents, disputes, or unexpected incidents on the road.

Easy-to-Use Interface

One of the standout features of the TH-DASH is its user-friendly interface. Designed with simplicity in mind, this dash cam is easy to operate, even for those less familiar with technology. The intuitive controls and menu options make it a breeze to navigate settings, review footage, and access key features. This ease of use ensures that drivers can focus on the road while still taking advantage of the TH-DASH’s powerful capabilities.

Wi-Fi and GPS Connectivity

The TH-DASH dash cam comes equipped with both Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity, providing drivers with enhanced functionality. Wi-Fi capability allows for seamless transfer of footage to a smartphone or tablet, enabling quick and convenient sharing or storage of important recordings. The built-in GPS records valuable information such as speed and location, offering an additional layer of context to recorded footage.

Advanced Filter Technology

To ensure optimal image quality, the TH-DASH dash cam features advanced filter technology. This not only enhances the clarity of recordings but also reduces glare and improves visibility in various lighting conditions. The pro-grade filters contribute to the overall effectiveness of the dash cam, providing drivers with consistently high-quality footage.

Comprehensive Warranty and Price Transparency

Understanding that drivers value both the performance and affordability of a dash cam, Trackhawk GPS offers a transparent pricing structure for the TH-DASH. The product comes with clear information about its price, ensuring that customers know exactly what they are investing in. Additionally, the TH-DASH is backed by a comprehensive warranty, providing users with peace of mind and assurance in the product’s durability and performance.

Case for Pro Drivers

For professional drivers who rely on accurate documentation of their journeys, the TH-DASH dash cam is a valuable companion. The dual-camera setup captures the front and rear views simultaneously, offering a comprehensive account of the road. This is particularly advantageous for drivers navigating various terrains, ensuring they have a clear record of their experiences.

Terms and Conditions for Confidence

Trackhawk GPS prioritizes transparency, and this is evident in the clear terms and conditions associated with the TH-DASH dash cam. Customers can review the terms before purchase, ensuring that they are fully informed about the product’s features, warranty details, and any additional considerations. This commitment to transparency builds trust and confidence in the Trackhawk GPS brand.

Proactive Product Support and Review Integration

Trackhawk GPS goes beyond just providing a product; they offer proactive support and encourage user reviews. Drivers can benefit from resources such as tutorials and customer support to maximize the TH-DASH’s potential. Furthermore, Trackhawk GPS values customer feedback and reviews, continuously improving their products based on real-world experiences and suggestions from users.

In conclusion, the Trackhawk GPS TH-DASH dash cam stands out as a top-tier product in the market, offering a combination of clarity, ease of use, and advanced features. Whether you are a pro driver seeking comprehensive documentation of your journeys or a daily commuter prioritizing safety, the TH-DASH caters to a diverse range of needs. With transparent pricing, a comprehensive warranty, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Trackhawk GPS has positioned the TH-DASH as a reliable and innovative solution in the world of dash cams. Elevate your driving experience and safety with the TH-DASH – your eyes on the road when it matters the most.