Snow Plow GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Solutions for Snow Plows

Trackhawk GPS devices offer indispensable support for snow plows and snow removal operations through real-time GPS tracking solutions. These devices enable fleet managers to oversee plows in real-time, ensuring efficient deployment and route optimization. With live GPS tracking, snow plow operators can navigate through snow and ice-covered roads effectively, enhancing safety and productivity. Fleet management becomes seamless with Trackhawk, as it provides comprehensive insights into vehicle performance and location. Snow plow GPS tracking allows for precise monitoring of plow movements, ensuring timely clearing of designated areas. Fleet tracking features empower managers to coordinate multiple plows efficiently, optimizing resources and response times during snow events. With Trackhawk's advanced tracking solutions, snow plow operators can enhance their service quality and responsiveness. Contact us to request a demo and experience the benefits of GPS fleet tracking for snow plows firsthand.

Trackhawk GPS Software Features:

Real-Time Tracking

Experience peace of mind with our real time snow plow tracking platform. Stay connected with your GPS fleet at all times. Real-time location updates offer a seamless and reliable solution making it the best asset tracking system for your snow plows.

Easy Installation

Not only are the Trackhawk GPS trackers easy to install, they are also easy to hide. Our customer service team is happy to assist you whether you need installation guidance, downloading the app from the app store, or even setting up the tracking device for alerts in case of theft in our asset management platform.


Fortify your security measures and enhance GPS snow plow tracking by buying GPS tracking devices from Trackhawk GPS. Establish secure virtual perimeters to protect your fleet. Our tracking technology will send a notification the moment your asset(s) leaves the perimeter.

Informative Reports

By using our asset tracking devices you will be informed of all unauthorized movement of your assets using the advanced reporting capabilities found in our GPS fleet tracking system.

Kill Switch

Not only do we provide the best GPS tracking solutions in the United States we also have the capability to remotely immobilize the asset from anywhere preventing unauthorized access and securing the asset until reactivated.

Save Money

The enhanced security from our GPS equipment tracking platform lowers the risk of theft and unauthorized asset use keeping you informed of the whereabouts of your equipment and ultimately reducing costs.

How Does It Work?

Getting started is a breeze – simply follow these steps to unlock the full potential of our gps fleet tracking system. First, purchase your GPS asset tracking device from our website, we offer free shipping. Next, download our user-friendly app from the app store. Set up your account, and voila! You're now ready to enjoy real-time tracking, real-time tracking updates, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets are secure. We have a variety of devices that range from magnetic trackers all the way down to hardwired tracking devices. 

Trackhawk GPS Trackers for Snow Plows

  • Feature
  • Waterproof
  • Battery
  • Data
  • Updates
  • Hardwired
  • Kill Switch
  • Feature:Trackhawk TH-MAG Magnetic GPS Tracker
  • Waterproof:IP65, Dust and Water Resistant
  • Battery:Built-in Battery - 10,000 mAh
  • Data:4G LTE
  • Updates:60 second updates on movement
  • Hardwired:Wireless, magnetic case
  • Kill Switch:No
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  • Feature:Trackhawk TH75 Waterproof GPS Tracker
  • Waterproof:Yes, IP67
  • Battery:Build-in Backup Battery - 700 mAh
  • Data:4G LTE
  • Updates:15 second updates on movement
  • Hardwired:Yes, 4 wire hookup
  • Kill Switch:Yes
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  • Feature:Trackhawk TH07 GPS Tracker
  • Waterproof:Yes, IP68
  • Battery:Supplied Energizer Lithium Batteries
  • Data:4G LTE
  • Updates:60 second updates on movement
  • Hardwired:Wireless, no hardwire needed
  • Kill Switch:No
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Frequently Asked Questions

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